2019 Happy New Year!

May Krampus not take your children away in a basket! Here’s cheers to abundance and equality for all! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season. One of my highlights was getting to dress up as Krampus at the Cattywampus Art and Craft Fair! I didn’t realize I had such a fondness for creatures of the green variety – Krampus, Yoda, Kermit, Puff, and the Grinch! I also had great fun drumming and participating in the UUFF Solstice Ritual and the next night went to a lovely house concert to see two of my friends perform and got to play ping pong with some serious pongers! I stayed a week in St. Louis with my family. I’m so glad we had that time together and I’m glad to be back home! A lovely New Year’s Eve dinner with friends and New Year’s Day celebrating at home with a fire in the wood stove, my doggy, Cubby and my kitty, Hobbit, while drinking champagne and moving into and organizing my new art room!

Prompt Me is going well! There are still openings if you’d like to have a song written with the prompt of your choice. Check it out here on my website! Here’s some feedback from folks who are involved:

“I love it. It’s perfect”

“Wonderful!  You really dig deep for this one.  I marveled at how gracefully you handled all those technical words and concepts.  The sing along element is perfect and automatic.  You can’t help but echo the word.”

“Lovvvvvve it.”

“This is awesome…I love how you come around after educating bout the 

WHYS…you give the HOW TO’S!  Great job…oughta enter it in [song contests]”

“This definitely stays in my playlist.”

“Omg! Perfect!  I love the humorous tone that you used to address a very true topic. The tempo and whistling gave a light hearted old fashioned tone. You did a great job with a tough prompt.

And I actually think this song will make my journey this week a little easier. I’m gonna be whistling…”

What’s your prompt? For only $5 a month for a limited time, I will write you a song!