“Prompt Me”

Jori drumsticks-active MichfestFor my Birthday in September of 2018, I launched a songwriting project called “Prompt Me!” Based on my experience from the 2015 songwriting group, Soulwriters. Whereas Soulwriters had a facilitator, Prompt Me asked people for monthly support in exchange for submitting a prompt of their choice. It was envisioned as a song a week for a year, but luckily, a lot more grace was allowed and I was able to spend more time on each individual’s song, which turned out to be such a good thing.

We made some amazing music together. The prompters sent in some really deep themes and I gave it my best with heart and with meaning. I am proud of each and every song and they have been well received. To all who participated, immense thanks and gratitude for encouraging me and believing in me to write a song that is meaningful to you as well.

The next step in the scheme of things is to record them all to a double CD set and release digitally in various formats. I am very excited about this part and for the reveal of the people and their prompts. My Patreon page is still operational and has been updated to reflect the progress. Meanwhile, I am going about manifesting the completion of said goal, practicing and envisioning the production of it with all the needed details.

Stay tuned. Many thanks and appreciations!