“Prompt Me”

Jori drumsticks-active MichfestFor my Birthday this September, I’m launching a new year long songwriting project, “Prompt Me!” A song a week for a year based on your prompts. For $5 a month (or more) for a year, (or one time investment of $60+), you get to submit a phrase or a theme for a prompt. I’m asking for 52 people, 1 prompt each, and you will receive a song link every week revealing the prompt, who sent it in, and how I interpreted it. This comes out to 4 songs a month at $1.25 a song. This will be private email links (paypal) or patron only posts (Patreon page) and will not be shared on the internet at large.

From now until Sept. 2019, I’m asking you to consider taking this journey with me. I trust I’m not the only one who has turned inward over the last couple years grappling and coping, while working toward change and equality. I’ve been writing, journaling, reading books, maybe writing a book, despairing and grieving over the state of things and then turning it into hope and positivity as best I can because after all, I am a creative and that’s how I survive. 

As I become a school music mentor this year at Ann Brown Memorial School, it will challenge me and frustrate me, no doubt, but the growth I will experience will be priceless. My goal is to turn this year of teaching and learning and speaking my truth into song with your input and feedback. I will ask which songs you like, which ones do you think should be produced, or different interpretations of the themes. So I hope this intrigues you and I thank you with immense gratitude and appreciation.

How it works:

Express your interest with an email to jori@joricostello.com or the contact page of my website.

Set up an account either on PayPal or Patreon platforms. I now have the paypal.me app or regular PayPal account for friends is jori@joricosello.com and on Patreon.com/JoriCostello.

If you are the prompt giver, I will email you on Friday and ask for the prompt by Sunday night and by the next Sunday night, midnight CST, I will finish the song and announce it  by email and it will be sent to the respective platforms as the next person’s prompt arrives in my inbox. 

Previous prompts I have received have been either phrases like, “a timely goodbye”, “beautiful lie”, “empty suitcase in the hall” or a theme: a protest song, an inanimate object, a biographical sketch, or even a music prompt: write a country song, a song in an odd time signature, a song with 10 chords. What will you come up with?

The sky’s the limit* and creativity fuels our lives. I cannot promise hit songs but I will write from my heart and with meaning. I do know our dollars are stretched in many directions so I appreciate you all the more. Thank you for your support and energy. Abundance full circle to us all and write on prompters! Let’s make some beautiful music together!

*I reserve the right to reject a prompt if it is vulgar or demeaning…..just sayin.

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