Songs of My Soul



Rasta DjembeSongs of My Soul is my one-woman play giving tribute to the beginning of the Womyn’s Music Movement. It features an original script and the music of Holly Near, Ferron, Meg Christian, Cris Williamson, Lucie Blue Tremblay, Heather Bishop, and more. It debuted at the 3rd Amazon Music Festival, has been performed at the 40th National Women’s Music Festival as well as regional festivals, and has been produced by Willow Productions in K.C. MO. Songs of My Soul (SOMS) is my personal story of how women’s music shaped my life and encouraged me to work and perform within the community and culture that was formed as a result of the women and the music of that generation. SOMS has a running time of 50 minutes with an optional second set of more iconic womyn’s music. If you would like to bring SOMS to your event, please contact me at for rates and availability. A link to the trailer is below. Enjoy!

Song of My Soul trailer