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As a young girl, my Mom would ask me to do a chore I really didn’t want to do, and I would exclaim something like this, “I can’t clean the bathroom, I’m an actress!” Just so you know, that did not fly over well with my Mother……and I learned how to clean and how to listen to my Mother….! Now in this decade of my life, I am more involved in theatre than ever before without compromising my “comfort zone” and without having to clean extra bathrooms.

Jori Costello: Songs of My Soul – my one-woman play. Please visit my page on this website for a full description and link to the trailer here or there: Songs of My Soul trailer

Trike Theatre: Digging Up Arkansas – Music Director
Written by Mike Thomas, Fayetteville High School Drama Teacher and company member of the improv troop, Phunbags! This play teaches Arkansas history to 3rd – 5th graders, through song, stories, and lots of time period appropriate props! I can still chant and do the hand motions that teach us about the indigenous peoples of this state.

Trike Theatre: Cowboy in the Kitchen – the role of “Musician”
Written by Bethany Ann Corey, theatre for the very young, like toddler and pre-school.
It was a 6 week run and I loved every day of it! You know it was good if I didn’t mind getting up at 6am to be performing by 8am!

Arkansas Staged: An Old Woman Speaks – live soundscape
A Jules Taylor envisioned production based on the writings of Sue Coppernoll, a local Fayetteville poet and retired counselor. Sue has been writing for the past 60 years plus and her poems are still relevant to women today. It debuted in May 2018 to a standing room only crowd and the proceeds went to Mom’s Demand Action! It is currently being scheduled for more performances in Fayetteville and beyond.

Smokehouse Players: Talking With – live soundscape
Talking With was written in the 1980s by a writers’ collective known as Jane Martin and is still relevant in the present. A series of 11 monologues by 11 of Fayetteville’s finest actresses.

Smokehouse Players: Night, Mother – pre-show concert
Night, Mother is a 1983 Pulitzer Prize winning play for drama. Since the play is about a very somber subject, death by suicide, the music selected set the tone for the evening’s journey into complex emotions and family dynamics. Featuring the original songs, She Lost it All, Spring Equinox Super Moon, and The Answer is Yes! from the CD compilation, Livin’ and Dyin’ in the Natural State. Night, Mother featured Smokehouse Players founder, Terry Vaughn with Amy Eversole, and directed by Jules Taylor.