Music Lessons: Memory, Math, and Muse

As a teacher, I bring over 30 years of professional music experience, touring nationally with various bands and projects. I am a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and teach with an emphasis on comprehensive music education as well as songwriting, performance, and vocal expression.

I teach multiple instruments, weekly or bi-monthly, 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions, all ages and genres, sliding scale available.

Guitar is my go to.
Ukulele is my newest passion.
Piano is my childhood dream come true.
Hand Drums came naturally to me from out of the womb!
Drum Kit is just plain awesome!
Voice is my gift and I am extremely grateful.

I love to share the love of music. At any reasonable moment, I will teach online through the MagicMuse Instrument Room on Zoom or Facetime. I am once again teaching from my home studio on the east side of Fayetteville. Please contact me at to schedule individual instrument instruction.