2019 by the season!

Winter, I love winter in the Ozarks! Prompt Me was my main focus and it was better than I ever could’ve imagined! So thrilled with the participation and the songs that were born from thoughtful prompts and deep places. Every song was a gift and I am grateful to you all for your support and encouragement!

Spring! Just trying to keep up with the trees and edible weeds and eat as much as I can as I try, unsuccessfully, to tame it. Enjoying time at home with my doggy and kitty. Wrapping up the first school year at Ann Brown Memorial School. (That’s another blog….)

Summer will find me up north in Wisconsin and Michigan doing what I love most: camps and festivals!

Fall and into winter, I will be recording the songs written during Prompt Me! I haven’t been this excited about recording in a while. Plus I have many songs from the 2015/16 Soulwriters Groups that I equally love, so I am eager to make progress.

More as it happens! As always, thanks for reading, sharing your love and energy, and following your dreams!

Happy 2019 and bring on 2020!