Summer 2018

Jori shadesWhat? Summer 2018….Where does the time go? oh yeah, mowing the yard…..and now it’s August…..that went fast!

Hello Friends! Hope your summer is fruitful and fun! July was most memorable for me at National Women’s Music Festival where I led the Ukulele Chorus – So Proud of the 13 festie performers! THEN I taught a session of Girls Rock Camp – Madison! I got to manage and coach a band of 5 girls, they got to record their song and perform to a packed house. I got to perform 2 of my own songs for the whole camp! Nothing like a camp for some good girl bonding! (festivals when we get older!)

I got a new website, I’m now on Instagram, AND starting next month, I will be the Music Mentor at the Ann Brown Memorial School. Ann Brown was a well-respected educator and change agent, very active with the Democratic Women and was invited to attend Jimmy Carter’s inauguration. She taught at Washington Elementary and then at her own Brown’s Kindergarten in the 1950s. Ann was dedicated to projects that served students, poor, elderly and that conserved and protected the earth’s resources. She helped build many cottages on her farm to provide low-cost housing to students and artists. And I lived in one of those cottages for 7 years and recorded my first CD there!

In addition, Fridays at the Ann Brown Memorial School will be Performing Arts Fridays with Jules Taylor and Jori Costello. For $40 per day, your child gets 3 1/2 hours of singing, dancing, music, and theatre. A performance at the end of every class! For registration, email:

I’ve been delving into more theatre projects including adding soundscape to an original script envisioned by Jules Taylor featuring the writings of Sue Coppernoll, “An Old Woman Speaks”.  Coming this fall, I will also be adding music to the Smokehouse Players production of “Talking With”. My own play “Songs of My Soul”, will be produced again at various festivals and events, and big dreams down the road……can’t tell you everything now, where’s the suspense in that?

For my Birthday this September, I’m launching a new year long songwriting project, “Prompt Me!” A song a week for a year based on your prompts. For $5 a month for a year, (or one time investment of $60), you get to submit a phrase or a theme for a prompt. I’m asking for at least 52 people, 1 prompt a week, and you will receive about an mp3 each week revealing the prompt, who sent it in, and how I interpreted it. This comes out to 4 songs a month at $1.25 a song. This will be private you tube links (paypal) or patron only posts (Patreon page) and will not be shared on the internet at large. From now until Sept. 2019, I’m asking you to consider taking this journey with me. I trust I’m not the only one who has turned inward over the last couple years grappling and coping, while working toward change and equality. I’ve been writing, journaling, reading books, maybe writing a book, despairing and grieving over the state of things and then turning it into hope and positivity as best I can because after all, I am a creative and that’s how I survive. As I become a school music teacher this year at Ann Brown Memorial School, it will challenge me and frustrate me, no doubt, but the growth I will experience will be priceless. My goal is to turn this year of teaching and learning and speaking my truth into song with your input and feedback. Every so often, I will ask which songs you like, which ones do you think should be produced, or different interpretations of the themes. So I hope this intrigues you and I thank you with immense gratitude and appreciation.

I so appreciate each and every one of you reading this. As I cull through emails, pictures, and comments, I am finding the sweetest messages, so many well wishes and words of love, and so many fond memories! I am moved by your encouragement and to know you enjoy the music is the most fulfilling feeling. Thank you for joining in the rhythm of the music and celebrating all that we are creating here. Music is the Magic! Namasté